Marine Express History

For decades the freight industry between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic was poorly served by carriers. The existing service providers did not offer or provide the support required by customers. Marine Express, Inc. was born to fulfill this task. With a vision of creating a strategic alliance between the customers and us, the shipping company, allowing clients to see us as part of their own operations.

In 1991, Mr. Néstor González, with vast experience in air cargo transportation between both destinations, developed the idea to create a RO-RO maritime service that would innovate the industry. He created a service with the speed of an airline, with a 24 hours door to door delivery, but with a much lower cost than what was offered by ocean lines at the time, targeting high demand companies and manufacturers which kept very large inventories resulting in very high cost. Understanding the market needs and developing the only next day service in history of the route, Mr. González and his team were able to help its clients save money in warehousing, logistics and maintenance costs guarantying that their plants wouldn’t stop working for delays on cargo deliveries and lack of voyages frequency.

At the end of 1992 all was set and the service finally started with the M/V “Kaskamilla” which made her first trip on January 14, 1993 from the Port of Mayagüez, traveling practically empty, while acquiring potential customers trust in a dream service that seem impossible at the time. Even without cargo the ship would depart and returned as scheduled, with an unprecedented frequency of three sailings per week, to gain the customer’s confidence in our strict dedication in providing an accurate and trustable service.

After 17 days and 8 round trips of service in what was left on January 1993, we transported 22 containers. By our second month the number grew to 135 containers. Customers began to believe and were impressed by the provided quality and speed. Every month we broke our own records in shipments and expectations of bigger volumes. The years 1993 and 1994 were our years of learning, development and growth.

In July 1st, 1998 a passenger ferry operation between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic was established with Marine Express acting as promoter and ship agent. Marine Express also rents cargo spaces onboard the ferry vessel to transport its cargo between the two destinations. The new structure resulted in a significant reduction in operational expenses.

Through the years, our Company has grown and has maintained stable in this industry. At present time, our destinations are Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, keeping our promise of a permanent trustable service of three sailings per week, 24 hours delivery door to door and 12 hours port to port. Industries depending on this route have been able to eliminate storage space, unnecessary costs and logistic procedures, counting on our accuracy and commitment which has kept us as leaders in the maritime transportation between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic for two decades. Larger and faster ships, increase on equipment variety and availability, have been a constant requirement that we have successfully satisfied during our 21 years of service in order to extend transportation modalities for different types of cargo according to the growth of the market demands.

The history of Marine Express, Inc. doesn’t end here. Our company continues to look for alternatives and strategies to secure the continuity and quality of our services.